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Printing on Recycled Paper - Help to Improve our Environment!

At Black Swan Printers we care very much about environmental, green issues. We educate our staff and give recycled options to our customers in order to encourage them into using recycled papers printed with vegetable based inks.

Most of our papers come from a sustainable source and with the use of our environmentally friendly inks, reduce the impact that businesses have on the environment. We have also recently invested in new machinery that enables us to reduce the amount of solvents and chemicals needed to operate them.

We at Black Swan Printers, alongside all businesses, have a duty to do all we can to protect our environment wherever possible.

Black Swan Printers offer a comprehensive range of recycled papers and boards suitable for printing purposes.

It is important that paper users are informed about choices of recycled paper, more customers than ever are deciding to adopt an environmental strategy.

Black Swan recognise their responsibility to make customers aware that recycling has a positive benefit to the environment and are actively promoting far greater use of environmentally friendly products.

There are many papers and boards available that are 100% recycled and that have been De-inked without the use of Chlorine Bleaching which in the past created harmful Dioxins.

The quality of these products has vastly improved over the last few years and there is now no reason why they should not be used by the business community.

Many of our customers have already taken the lead including The Environment Agency and various other Local Authorities in Exeter and around Devon.

To find out more information call us on 01626 865463 or e-mail us using the form on the contact page or the contact button below. We can all make a difference.

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