Corporate Social Responsibility

Our CSR Policy is based upon the key areas on which our business has an impact, i.e., Customers, People, Community, Suppliers and Environment. Our main objectives are delivering a positive CSR impact on these areas.


  • We will provide a healthy, safe, inclusive and creative working environment that respects equality and diversity and that supports people in reaching their ambitions and goals.


  • We will continue to be responsive and proactive towards our customers’ needs and align with their business aspirations and objectives.
    We will register and resolve customer complaints in accordance with our high standards of service.


  • We will support the communities and neighbourhoods in which we work and deliver projects by identifying opportunities to deliver benefits, participate in local initiatives and contribute to local regeneration.


  • We will minimise the environmental impacts of our activities and ensure continuous improvement in our environmental performance.


  • We will ensure we have an inclusive procurement process that is open and ethical and recognises a diverse base of suppliers in the marketplace.
  • We shall ensure a high level of business performance while minimising and effectively managing risk ensuring that we uphold the values of honesty, partnership and fairness in our relationships with all our stakeholders.
  • We shall encourage suppliers and contractors to adopt responsible business policies and practices.
  • Help to raise standards and benchmarks in the industry by promoting CSR activities and partnerships and communicating our CSR values to our partners.

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